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There are several benefits to undergoing wisdom teeth extraction at our McKinney dentist office. Dr. Khodabakhsh performs gentle wisdom teeth extractions with the aid of local anesthesia and dental sedation to make the procedure virtually pain-free. Thanks to this procedure, our patients can resolve urgent issues and minimize their risk of developing cavities, losing teeth, and suffering other oral health issues.

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In this video, I'll be talking about why you would need to have your wisdom teeth removed, there are usually three top reasons. First reason is that there's a large cavity or there's a food trap present around the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are often our areas where you can not really brush well or you can not floss well. And once you have them removed, it makes it so much easier to clean around the other teeth you definitely want to keep in your mouth. Another reason would be because of overcrowding, you know, people who have overcrowding, it's also very hard and difficult to keep your teeth clean. And also if you're considering getting braces, we usually have your wisdom teeth removed, to create a little bit of space to allow your teeth to move back. The third option is usually if you have pressure or pain in your jaw, or around your TMJ, patients who often tell me that they have headaches, migraines, or muscle ache around their jaw. Once they have their wisdom teeth removed, they recover very well and they feel much better after the procedure. Your wisdom teeth surgery will be done under IV sedation and your recovery will depend on usually the factor of your age how healthy you are. And also if you follow the proper instructions given by your dentist, you will also have a little bit of pain and swelling and bleeding after the surgery, this is pretty common. We give you instructions on what to do what not to do. And also on the difficulty of the surgery will also be dependent on how much pain you have after the surgery and also the experience level of the dentist performing the surgery. People who are considering having their wisdom teeth extracted often want to know what the price is, you know this can vary widely depending on how many teeth you have present. Also what is the difficulty of getting them removed? some wisdom teeth are fully impacted, some are partially impacted, some are fully erupted. And also how long is this surgery going to take. So all of these can increase or decrease the price of the surgery. If you're interested in getting your wisdom teeth removed, please visit our website at summitpointdental.com for more information.

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