Summit Point Dental Center in McKinney offers several different types of dentures to replace missing teeth. These include premium implant-supported dentures that are extremely stable and prevent bone recession. Dr. Khodabakhsh can help you improve your quality of life by providing the right dentures for your needs.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Khodabakhsh. And thank you for joining me today. My patients that are losing their teeth and come in for a consultation, or people who are already in dentures, they're looking for something better. They always ask what makes one device better than another device? And also, why would one device be more expensive than another? Now, one of the first options that patients will consider is a denture. And dentures are very popular, because they've been around almost, literally centuries. And this is probably my least favorite option and just want to discuss why they are. When a patient is losing teeth, due to various reasons, the first thing that happens in your jaw is that you start to lose bone very quickly. What a denture is, is basically a plastic with teeth on it, that basically rests over your jaw bone, and rests on the tissue. And, you know, you will continue to lose bone over time, the fact that, your chewing ability is decreased by by a lot, the bite force I usually get is about 20% with denture, versus someone with all their teeth, being at 100%. So that's one of the main things. The second main thing is the fact that your profile changes over time as well. We've all seen patients who've gone, you know, when they take out their dentures their face kind of sinks in, they get wrinkles much faster, they probably look older, more than their age should be. The other thing is, when you have a denture, it's bulky, the retention is not great. Also the fact that sometimes you have to use adhesives to keep them in. Over a period of few years, you have to keep getting relines made to get the denture to kind of fit kind of like you did when you first got it. So for that reason, usually, denture is not my favorite option. But some patients that cannot afford any other option, it's better than nothing. But this is something that we want to discuss further with you. The next step above a denture would be what we call an Implant Supported Denture. The idea about this is the fact that you have several implants, anywhere from two to four implants per arch. A denture will actually fit over those implants and snap over them. It looks like something like this, this is a model, and then you have the denture and the denture inside of it has inserts that basically snap over the implant parts, that's basically going to be inside the mouth. You wear this throughout the day, you do have to take them out at night as well. The maintenance on these are a little higher than, the regular denture, because these snap ons, these inserts that you have, wear out every time you're chewing on them, and biting on them. So over a period of time, your cost could be anywhere from $400 to $500 per year, from switching these out. Some people wear them out every six months, sometimes a little longer, but there's definitely more maintenance involved. And the third option is also the best option is what we call a fixed implant bridge, also known as an All on 4 prosthetic. This is a fixed procedure that you know, this does not this device does not come out of your mouth. Usually patients who have this surgery done most often can walk out with teeth the same day that it stays in their mouth. There are a lot of benefits to this. One is the fact that you know the bone around the implants remains strong, you don't lose bone like you would with a regular denture. But you know with an implant supported bridge, and in some cases with also the overdenture the bone is more stable. The chewing surface of an implant supportive bridge is going to be very similar to the same bite force and eating, chewing habits as a person with a full dentition (their natural teeth). So there's many benefits, it's customizable. We can change the color, we can pick any color you want. We can you know shape the gum tissue to match your natural gum shade. There are different grades of this. You have basically one that's made out of titanium bar with denture teeth over it. So it's similar to a denture but much stronger and it's fixed. And then we have one that's actually one big step above that is made out of zirconia. Zirconia is a very strong substance. It's one of the strongest substance that we have in dentistry. It is actually milled so we can add more character and more it's more customizable than even titanium bar with denture teeth. With denture teeth they do wear over time, they do stain. With the zirconia that doesn't happen. So, long term that maintenance costs on a zirconia will be a lot less. So why would one person pick Zirconia Implant Bridge versus titanium acrylic. One would be because of the look, you know, it's much more natural looking because the zirconia is milled, we add the character to it, you know, in the staining with a titanium bar, it's close to what a denture looks like. It does look very pretty, but because of the nature of the acrylic, they do stain. It's porous. Over time you'll have some darkening of the material. And they wear on a denture tooth is going to be a lot greater. We don't really see that wth zirconia because it is very strong. It's one of the strongest substance we have in dentistry. Up front, it may be more expensive to get Zirconia but long term it's actually going to end up probably being cheaper for you. My patients mostly prefer to have the fixed option either to snap on or fixed implant bridge or the least option, like we discussed with the the denture. Everything is customizable depends on your needs and financial needs. If you have any questions and you're interested in any of these procedures we discussed, we welcome you to visit our website at and we look forward to helping you, thank you.

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